Keeping Boxes

Jul 16, 2013
Yesterday I did a little bit of box purging. The boxes we tend to keep are for any smaller products that still have a warranty and for items which we may sell later on. Many times, the re-sale price for things like gadgets and collectors' items will be higher if they're sold in their original boxes.

The boxes we have were creating a mess in our home office closet and taking up valuable space, so I got rid of some we didn't need anymore, and organized the rest of the boxes in the topmost cabinets. 

Gadget Boxes

Miniature Collection Boxes

It's a much better location for these items since we rarely need to access them and I like how everything is neatly stored away!

Do any of you keep boxes?
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1 comment:

  1. Yes I keep boxes for my kids toys and other things. Boxes are very good for storing items and decluttering room. These boxes are very useful for every house.


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