What to Do if You Don't Have Time to Organize

Jun 20, 2013
If you want to get organized but you don't have the time, the next best thing to do is to simply neaten things up a bit. 

It may not be your desired end-result, but at least it will help to reduce clutter, clear your mind, and lessen any stress you may be feeling.

Here are a couple of examples:

1) You just moved to a new house but have no time to organize and unpack all your things because you're also starting a new job right away. 

Instead of having boxes all over the place, take a bit of time to arrange them neatly along one wall, stack them neatly in one corner, or put them all in one room. This way, you clear some space (no tripping!), you know where to find everything, and there's less of a mess until you have more time to deal with 

My messy desk

2) Your desk at work is a huge mess with papers all over the place but you don't have time to file and organize because you have a huge project deadline coming up.

In this case, just grab all the papers and stack them into one or more neat piles. Then put them in a drawer or cabinet, or just off to one side. Now you can work on more urgent tasks with a clear space until you can get to the less urgent tasks.

Pretty easy right? And while being neat does go hand in hand with being organized, sometimes JUST being neat is a great temporary solution!

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