Organizing Coin Clutter

Jun 18, 2013
Coin clutter has been driving me a little crazy lately, and our small coin bank just wasn't cutting it for all the coins we tend to accumulate.

I wanted a container that would hold a larger amount of coins and I found just what I needed in our house!

This plastic container used to be storage for some miscellaneous items so I just transferred them somewhere else. What I like about this container is that it has adjustable slots so I just removed some of them and created seven sections for the seven types of coins we collect. Then I used my label maker to label the cover of the container, and each inside section with the denomination for each type of coin.

Separating the coins each time we drop them in this container is really helpful because the last time I sorted a huge pile of coins it was time consuming and it made my neck and back hurt! 

Also, there are no automatic coin sorting machines here, so in addition to allowing us to save some money, this method is going to save us some time and effort. :)
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