Four Things That Make Laundry Less of a Chore

Jun 3, 2013

Collapsible Crates

1) We use collapsible plastic crates for carrying our laundry up and down the numerous stairs in our townhouse. These crates fold flat when not in use and most importantly, they don't take up much space for storage purposes.

Mesh Laundry Bags (w/Zippers)

2) We have a bunch of these mesh laundry bags in various sizes which we use for:

  • Washing delicates
  • Keeping smaller items of socks and underwear together to prevent them getting lost 
  • Keeping clothing that we want to hang-dry together, so we don't need to sift through a wet, heavy, load of laundry to search for the items that we don't want to put in the dryer

3) Plastic Bins

We have several plastic bins in our laundry room which we use for storing the following:

Bin 1 - Our collection of cleaning rags (mostly made up of microfiber cloths, old clothes, socks, towels)

Bin 2 - Storing clean bathroom and kitchen rugs

Bins 3 & 4 - We do clothes laundry every week and all other types of laundry every few weeks. We use these bins for storing dirty towels and bedding until there are enough for a full load. This way they don't take up space in our clothes hamper while waiting to be laundered.

Bins 5 & 6 - These are where we store laundry detergent. Easy access and looks better than keeping the powder in the original packaging.

4) Entertainment

Laundry can be can be such a bore, so we make the task more fun with music, and our two little helpers. Whatever works right?? :)

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  1. Very good ideas. I like your use of several bins to sort things. I have to think about it to adapt this idea in my home. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, hope it helps you!


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