Budget Store Adventures

Jun 12, 2013
Many countries have their version of a dollar store, and where I live there's a store called Saizen. It's actually a Japanese franchise and everything in the store costs about $2.20. I love going to these shops because they sell a lot of cool stuff and that includes inexpensive organizing products!

Here are some photos of what you can find in Saizen:

Cute molds and products for baking and bento-making.

All different kinds of mesh bags for laundry.

These made me laugh -- cute little socks for table legs so floors don't get scratched.

A refrigerator sorting pocket. Who would've thought??

Lots of different jars and containers for the kitchen and elsewhere.

Plastic organizers for the refrigerator, cabinets, pantries, etc.

Ok, so the bad thing about going to these budget-type stores is that a) I can spend hours in there and b) because everything is so reasonably priced, I end up getting some pretty random stuff!

I thought it'd be fun to share some of my loot from a recent trip to Saizen.

1. Refrigerator organizers. Great for storing long veggies like carrots and cucumbers.

2. A cute pig-shaped contraption which measures long pasta (ie spaghetti) into one, two, or three servings, so you don't make too much!

3. Stainless steel "soap." Haven't tried this yet, but rubbing this under water is supposed to remove unpleasant smells like onion or fish from your hands.

4. A 4-can holder with a handle. I found a different use for this which I'll share in a different post. 

5. A coffee scoop and bag clip in one. Simple but brilliant idea!

6. Collapsible silicone funnel.

7. A long container for storing pasta.

8. A mesh laundry bag specifically for bras. 

9. Simple clock for our kitchen since our old one broke.

10. A water dumbell. Once you fill this with water, it's equivalent to lifting 2 lbs. I've never seen one of these before and since I'm supposed to start getting more fit I just HAD to get one! Told you I got some random stuff....haha!

11. Drawer dividers that you can connect and cut to your specifications.

12. A pet hair removing sponge. We use this for cleaning up dog hair that accumulates on our car seats.

13. A multi-bag hanger.

Phew! Ok, so I went a little crazy but I managed to get some incredibly useful stuff without breaking the bank!

How about you? I can't be the only one who can spend hours in budget-type stores. What are your favorite dollar store picks??

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