The Bag Organizer

May 17, 2013
In a previous post I wrote about how to organize purse or bag clutter. That method works great for smaller bags, but when I changed my everyday bag to a larger tote bag (that only has one tiny pocket in it), I found that it can still become a bit of a black hole.

Luckily, my sister-in-law gave me a gift that has helped to solve that problem -- a bag organizer! It basically works as a smaller bag with a lot of compartments, that you put into another bag. There's a lot of different styles available and this is how mine looks:

It's got room for everything I need to put in my bag, plus a place to clip keys, and I didn't even use all the compartments! You can see what it looks like zippered up:

Then I simply pick it up by the tiny handles and put it in my tote bag!

Another picture of it open in my bag. This bag organizer makes it really convenient to move my things over if I want to use a different bag, as long as it's a similar size. An added bonus is that the organizer gives my bag more of a shape too.

If you'd like to get a bag organizer for yourself, or as a gift, you may want to check Etsy for a great selection of ones that are handmade.
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  1. Love your new organizer. I have made many and sold them on etsy and to friends. This gives me an idea for a new design. I have not seen the zipper top before - the ones I have made are open - great idea.

    1. Thanks Kimberlee!

      I love discovering new Etsy shops -- what's the name of yours?


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