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May 13, 2013
My husband and I have gotten into this habit of taking off our wedding rings when we're at home -- especially when washing dishes, giving the dogs a bath, or when doing any activity that may damage them.  

We put them on these leaf-shaped tea light candle holders (my husband used them with candles when he proposed to me), that I placed in a few areas of our house.

There's one on the ledge above our kitchen sink and one on each of our bedside tables. That way we have a designated place for our rings and we can find them easily when we want to put them on again.

I love our leafy ring holders because they're meaningful and functional too! If you want to try this in your own home you can use small decorative bowls, plates, actual ring holders, or whatever else fits your needs.

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  1. Great idea!!

    Quick question... How do you like that faucet? We are deciding between that one and another, and I'd love to hear your opinion!

    1. Thanks Deanna!

      Regarding the faucet, I love how it looks in the kitchen (kind of like a statement faucet) and how you can just grab the head to pull it down when you need to. It's also sturdier than it looks.

      The only issue I have is how to clean the hose inside the spring part since it's made of some cloth material and it's completely visible under the spring-like part. Good luck with your decision! :)

  2. WOW! Engagement ring displayed above is really very pretty. Even I have the same habit to take of my perfect diamond engagement ring whenever I wash dishes. The harmful toxins in washing detergents can reduce the shine of ring that is why I prefer to put it off while washing clothes and dishes.


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