Organizing Keys

May 30, 2013
There are a ton of different ways to organize keys, but I decided to keep it simple by making use of some binder rings.

First, I gathered all the keys I had laying around in drawers. 

Then I went around the whole house and tried every key with every lock so I could figure out which was which. Turns out, I had quite a few old keys that  I kept even though they didn't fit anywhere! Had to get rid of those.

Next step was to figure out a way to easily identify each key. I settled on using acronyms for each room and used my label maker to create labels for each key. 

For example:

Front Door - FD (Extra key since we have copies attached to our car keys)
Guest Room - GR
Master Bedroom - MB
Home Office - HO (Unfortunate acronym, but oh well! Haha)
Laundry Room - LR

I arranged all the keys on one binder ring so they're easy to find and the ring makes it easy to carry them around if necessary.

While I was at it, I decided to organize our luggage locks and keys too! That way if we're going to be traveling, I know exactly where to find them. I didn't need to label these keys since they're easy to match with their locks.

I also made sure to tell my husband how to identify each key and where they're kept. 

The last thing I need to do to complete this project is to have duplicates of single keys made. That'll be for another day!

How about you? Do you keep your keys organized? If so, how do you do it??

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  1. I don't organize my keys really. This makes me want to get them in order though; Gives me great ideas on how to do it too. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. You're welcome! I have to admit that it wasn't high on my priority list, but I'm glad it's done in case we ever need the keys quickly.


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