Organizing Recipes With a Recipe Binder

May 10, 2013
There are several ways to organize recipes for the kitchen and whether you go digital or prefer paper, you have to figure out what style would work best for you.

Since I really like organizing with binders, I decided that a recipe binder would be good for our household. 

When I was planning this project, I noted that I wanted a binder that would function as an organized place to keep:

  • Favorite recipes printed out from the internet, cut out from magazines, or from cookbooks
  • Recipes to try
  • Recipes that aren't from a cookbook or the internet, such as ones handed down from family
  • Last, but definitely not least, I wanted the binder to look cute too! :)

Here are the materials I used:

  • Plain white, three ring binder
  • Clear, plastic page protector sheets
  • Self adhesive index divider tabs
  • Label Maker
  • 8 1/2 x 11 paper
  • Recipe binder printables

This is how the recipe binder turned out:

I don't have a printer that has borderless printing, so the prints usually result in a white border that I don't like. I went to a copy shop and had the cover enlarged, printed, and trimmed to fit the exact dimensions of the binder.

The inside cover of the binder has a clear pocket where I have a 'Master List of Recipes' page which will serve as a place to view our list of recipes at a glance. I also plan to note down favorite recipes from cookbooks, along with their page numbers, since I don't want to rip out pages from books.

To the right of the inside cover, is a weekly menu planner to match the color scheme of the binder pages. I actually have one in a different design for a household binder, but I thought it made sense to have one conveniently located in the recipe binder too!

As you can see in the picture, I have a very fine permanent marker that I use to write on the plastic page protector, so I don't have to print out a meal planner every week. (See this post for the method I use to erase permanent marker from page protectors.) 

Next up, is a section containing several printables designed for writing down simple recipes. I plan to use them for family recipes or any recipes we invent. Then the page can be transferred to the appropriate binder section.

I also made an editable version where I can copy and paste recipes that I find online. For example, I have some favorite chicken recipes that are nicely filed in the 'Poultry' section of the binder:

These can also be printed on cardstock, and cut out to make recipe notecards.

Flip the page over and you'll see my section for 'Recipes to Try.' I'm not the most experienced cook, so this will probably be the fattest part of the binder at first!

Finally, the rest of the pages in the binder are for the various food sections, categorized mostly by main ingredient:

Drinks & Smoothies
Pasta & Noodles
Rice & Grains
Snacks & Desserts

When the binder is closed it's hard to get to the various sections, so I used the self adhesive index tabs and I simply stuck them on each recipe section page. Then I used my handy label maker to label the tabs! 

I love how my recipe binder turned out -- bright, cheerful, and organized! Now to start collecting recipes..... :)

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  1. This is great! I especially love the blank forms where you can cut & paste recipe text--so helpful!

  2. That's cool. I should probably try that. Right now, I keep my recipes in tow places- a digital file and on a shelf. It's easier to find the favorites in the digital file but when I'm cooking I have to keep moving between the screen and my ingredients. That helps me memorize the recipes ;-)

    1. That's a great way of looking at it! ;)

  3. That's very nice of keeping your recipes organized. I like the idea of self adhesive index tabs . It allows to quickly jump to any recipe you like. Superb!

  4. I tried using using recipe apps on my ipad but i still feel that recipe binder is much more convenient and handy.

  5. Thanks, Monica. I really like this idea. easy to keep track of all recipes.

  6. thank for sharing. I used it and it worked well.

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