Organizing and Maximizing Space in a Small Closet

May 15, 2013
We're lucky to have his and hers clothing closets and cabinets in our master bedroom, but they're not as spacious as they could be. Having a small closet can be challenging, but it really forces us to limit the clothes and shoes that we buy. 

This is what my husband's looked like before. 

Nothing TOO crazy, but there were a few negatives:

  • His ties were just on a hanger which meant some would fall off whenever he'd need to get one to wear
  • In addition to the shoes the closet had a couple of backpacks (behind the pants) and an iron taking up valuable space.
  • A few mis-matched hangers
  • I didn't take before shots of the cabinet drawers, but the insides were basically a mess.
  • Ditto for the shelves

TIP: To maximize space in a small closet, install top and bottom clothing racks. When we first moved into our house,there was only one top rack to hang clothes. We knew it wouldn't be enough to fit all the clothes so we had a bottom rack installed.

We organized the closet section by section, mostly to save space on the bed which is where we were sorting all the clothes. We started by removing everything in the drawers. Then my husband put aside clothes into three piles -- keep, toss, and donate. This is when we found out that he has more casual socks than he needs, and he needs more dress socks.

While the drawers were empty, we also took the opportunity to clean them since that hadn't been done in awhile! After that I shooed him out of our room while I organized the drawers. 

Drawer 1 - Contains underwear and boxers (not pictured, as I don't think the hubs would appreciate me sharing his undies on the interwebs ;)

Drawer 2 - Workout shorts and other casual shorts for around the house

Drawer 3 - Sock drawer rolled up, arranged by type, and color (don't hate!)

Drawer 4 - For accessories like hats, shoe bags, shoe polish, etc.

Basically I kept like items with like. The top drawer which is the easiest to access, are for items that are used most often, while the bottom least convenient drawer, are for items that are used less often.

Next thing we did was to tackle the shelves, which used to look like this:

The shelves didn't need a ton of work. We just got rid of a bunch of t-shirts that didn't fit or were too old, and cleaned it out. Then I put casual shorts on the top shelf, casual t-shirts on the middle shelf, and house/work-out shirts on the bottom shelf. I also tried to group similar colors together, and I took the backpacks that were on the floor of the closet, and put them on the empty shelf at the very top of the cabinet.

Now we come to the last part of the closet where the rest of the clothes are hung. Again, we cleaned up and got a rid of a few clothing items. 

I got a simple tie holder to keep my husband's ties organized and I hung a couple of clear Command hooks to hang his belts. The belts used to be kept rolled up in the bottom drawer but he would hardly ever put them back so  I figured keeping them easier to access would help. I can hope right??? Haha

Since we have a lot of extra black hangers, I replaced the colored ones with them. On the top rack and hanging from right to left, there's a suit, dress shirts, casual shirts, and collared knit shirts. Grouped together, the bottom rack has dress pants, khakis, jeans, other casual pants, and sweat pants. 

Again, I tried to keep similar colors together so it's easier to find items to match. Then, because I found another place to store the backpacks, I was able to make his shoes fit nicely plus some room to spare!

Whew! Fixing up a clothes closet and cabinet isn't exactly my idea of a good time, but the results are so worth it! Now let's see how long it stays this neat. :)
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