A Special Mother's Day Greeting

May 7, 2013
Mother's Day is coming up and I decided that I wanted to add a special touch to my mom's gift:

Click to Download This Free Printable!

Instead of giving her a card, I'm going to print this out on some nice paper and write down ten reasons why I'm glad my mom, is my mom. I think she's really going to appreciate it! :)

This printable, was inspired by a guest post that I saw on the Money Saving Mom blog. The author, Victoria (of the Snail Pace Transformations blog) wrote about the time when she presented her mom with a simple list, titled, "10 Reasons Why I Am Glad You Are My Mother."

This list turned out to be one of her mother's most cherished possessions, and reminded me of how simple words can go a long way towards making someone feel loved.

I want my mom to feel the love this Mother's Day, and if you'd like to do the same for yours, you can download this free printable by clicking on the link under the photo above.

If you'd like, please share this printable with your friends so they can give their "10 Reasons" list to their moms too! :)

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