Washi Tape for Gift Wrapping

Apr 30, 2013
It was my aunt's birthday the other day, and about an hour before I had to give her my gift, I discovered that I had somehow managed to run out of ribbon and gift wrap! I had no time to run to the store so I had to make do with items I already had on hand.

Luckily, the gift (a necklace) came with a box and instead of ribbon, I used some cute washi tape (masking tape made from rice paper) that I have and taped it to the box for decoration. 

No need for wrapper or ribbon! I think it turned out pretty well and my aunt was happy. So the lessons I learned were:

1) Don't wait till the last minute to wrap your gifts.

2) Sometimes improvising gives unexpectedly pleasing results.

3) I love the versatility of washi tape and plan to add more to my small collection. :)
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