Different Uses for Old Socks

Apr 12, 2013
Socks may be great for absorbing sweat from you feet and keeping them warm, but they have some other great uses too!

Esther Socks

1. A Dust Remover

If you have old socks laying around, don't throw them away -- instead slip one over your hand and use it to remove dust from hard to reach nooks and crannies. In my experience, thicker, looser socks work best for this task.

2. Sock Puppet

Use markers to draw faces and other features on socks and use them as puppets. A fun and cheap way to entertain your kids!

3. Gadget Protector

Instead of buying an expensive case for your phone or other handheld gadget, you can put them in short socks to protect them. This works especially well  to keep your gadgets from getting scratched in a bag or purse.

4. Shape Keeper

Roll up several pairs of socks and insert them into boots and / or bags to help retain their shape when not in use.

5. Dog Toy

Take an old sock and put some dog kibbles or treats inside. Then roll it up and give it to your dog to play with. It's like a soft version of a Kong toy, and dogs like our chihuahuas enjoy figuring out how to unroll the sock and get their treats. (Please make sure your dogs don't try to eat the socks!)

6. Safe Keeper

Keep jewelry and other valuables in rolled up socks in your suitcase when traveling.

Do you use socks for anything else other than your feet?
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  1. A sock bun! So easy, but looks so cute.

  2. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing that...I've got to try it. :)


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