5 Stations to Set Up in Your Home

Apr 11, 2013
Creating stations in your home means that you'll have an organized place for things that you use on a regular basis. Here are some great examples of stations you can set up:

1. Coffee & Tea Station

If you have coffee and tea drinkers in your home, why not set up an area that has everything you need to quickly make a cup of either drink? I love the pops of red from the toaster and the kettle in this photo.

2. Charging Station

DIY a central charging station for all your gadgets, using a breadbox!

3. Snack Station

If you have kids, and even if you don't, setting up a snack station in your fridge and pantry is a good way to keep healthy snacks at hand.

4. Beauty Station

No room for a dressing table? All you need are a few inexpensive products and you can set up a simple, but organized beauty station you can use.

5. Work Station

In my opinion, an organized work station is an essential in any home! This space is perfect for using the computer, filing, paying bills, blogging, etc.
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  1. Since I will be graduating school in two weeks, I no longer can rely on the excuse, "I'll do in once I'm done with school". I want to organize my recipes and bills into a system that is easy to use.

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