Organizing and Displaying Collections

Mar 6, 2013
I collect miniatures. Specifically, collectible miniatures from Japan. They're so cute, colorful, and realistic that they're hard to resist. 

Bullshit Cheese and Other Goodies!
You see what I mean??

The problem with collecting things (besides the money spent on them!) is that it can contribute to clutter in the home. To prevent your precious collections from taking over your house or wherever you live, you need to figure out how to store, organize, and possibly display your collections.

For example, I keep my miniature collection in plastic containers with dividers, (by set) like this:

And I display my minis in "scenes" using some special room boxes which sit in our home office. Here's an example of one of my mini modern kitchen scenes.

With a Bit More Light...

Every few months or so, I try to switch up the miniatures in my room boxes to create new scenes. This way, my collection is pretty organized AND I'm able to display them so I don't feel guilty buying them they don't just gather dust in storage. :D

I enjoy seeing creative organization and display of collections and here are some of the more fun and inspiring ones that I've found around the web:

1. Teapot Collection on Shelves

2) Vintage Camera Collection Framed on a Wall

3) Bottle Cap Collection Turned Backsplash

4) Pez Collection = Cute & Colorful

Source Unknown But Found Here

As you can see, collecting things can be a fun hobby as long as the collection (and spending) is kept under control.

Do any of you collect anything? Is your collection organized and/or on display?

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