Organized Baking

Mar 8, 2013

My Chocolate and White Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Cooking is just not my thing. Too bad for my hubby, but there is a bright side...I can bake! And I actually enjoy it! I suppose it's because I have a sweet tooth, which is not so good. But never mind that. The point is that since I do bake, I thought I'd share a few tips for getting organized when baking.

  • Before you start, gather all the ingredients and baking tools that you need and arrange them where you'll be working. 
  • OPTIONAL: For faster clean up, lay old newspapers or a large, unused garbage bag on your work surface. When you're done baking any spills and messes should be contained on the paper or plastic and you can just toss it in the trash.
  • If you're using a recipe book, make sure the book is propped open so you won't have to flip pages while following instructions. If you're using a piece of paper keep it visible with a recipe holder, stick it on the fridge with a magnet, or use tape to stick it somewhere near the preparation area. 
  • If you're viewing a recipe on your tablet or other electronic device, make sure to disable the sleep function so you won't have to worry about touching the screen with dirty fingers.
  • When measuring out ingredients, use the flat edge of a knife to remove any excess from measuring cups and spoons.
  • Once everything is mixed and in the oven, clean up and put all the ingredients away while waiting for the goods to bake.
  • Get a timer and set it a few minutes earlier than the expected baking time to avoid over-baking or burning.
  • Set out a few toothpicks, pot pads or oven mitts.
  • If you're baking brownies and cakes, insert a toothpick or a knife in the goodies to check if they're really done. 
  • Use the oven mitts or pot pads for removing the baking pans out of the oven.
  • Let the finished product(s) cool and while waiting, get a container ready for storing the goodies that aren't eaten right away!
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