Spot Mop and Save With Your Swiffer

Feb 18, 2013
Our kitchen floor has light tiles and gets dirty SO easily! In my opinion, mopping with a traditional mop and bucket is one of the most tedious cleaning tasks, so I prefer to spot mop for most of the week with a Swiffer, and use the regular mop once a week for deep cleaning.

Instead of using the refill wet cloths all the time, I've found that it's cheaper and more eco-friendly to use the Swiffer with microfiber cloths instead.

All I do is lay one of the cloths flat on the floor and place the Swiffer mop head on top of it and in the middle.

Then I flip one edge of the cloth on top of the mop and use a marker to poke the cloth through one of the attachment holes.

I do this with all four holes on top of the mop until it looks like this:

As you can see, the cloth is sort of flopping at the top since it's a little too long. So I just fold each side and use a mini binder clip to hold the cloth together on the left side.

I attach another binder clip to keep the cloth together on the right side, and there it is! A re-usable microfiber cloth for use with my Swiffer.

When our kitchen tiles gets dirty, I just spray a mixture of water and liquid soap on the floor and then use the Swiffer-with-microfiber-cloth combo to quickly clean it up. Then when the cloth gets dirty (I don't wait till it gets TOO dirty though), I just remove it, flip it over so the clean side is on the floor, and use the above steps to re-attach it to the mop head. When both sides of the cloth get dirty I just throw it in the wash and re-use them when they're clean!

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  1. I love that you shared this! I do the same thing with our swiffer and it works great :). Great minds think alike!

    -Chaney (Came over from IHeart Organizing)

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting -- glad the Swiffer "strategy" works for you too! :>

  2. As do I, although I dont use and flip over.
    what I do is-off set the mop head as close to edge, with just enough to flip up to push in holes- then roll the long end up and clip like u did. Then when thats dirty-I unroll and move head over to clean spot. :)

  3. I've been doing this for years for dusting/quick cleaning my hardwood floors, but I just fold the microfiber cloth over about 1/3 of the way before putting the head on, then tuck the edges in as usual, no clip needed.


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