An Easier Way to Fold Clothes

Feb 11, 2013
Towards the end of last year, I found a really useful organizing tool that makes the dreaded task of folding clothes, so much easier!

Introducing....the Clothes Folder! 

Yes, I know it's an original name, but that's really what it's called! See for yourself:

I hate folding clothes and I'm not especially good at it, so this tool comes in really handy. If you've never seen one of these before, read on for more information on how to use a clothes folder.

To fold a shirt for example, I would lay the shirt on the folder with the front down. If the shirt is longer, I just fold up the bottom as seen in the photo below.

Next I take the left flap of the folder and flip it to the right so that it folds one half of the shirt. (You can also start with the right side, but I just prefer to do it this way)

Then I lift the left flap off the shirt and take the right flap and do the same thing to fold the other half of the shirt.

You can see that there's still a small part of the shirt sleeve showing, so I lift the folder away from the right and just flip the left flap of the folder again to take care of that bit of sleeve.

Once that's done, I lift the left flap off of the shirt. Then I take the bottom flap of the folder and flip it forward to finish the job. I've found that it helps to press down firmly on the shirt to flatten it a bit more.

Finally, I pull the bottom flap down and now I have a beautifully folded shirt! So easy that my husband actually enjoys helping me fold laundry now. Haha.

This clothes folder also works for pants, jeans, and long sleeved shirts. When I use it to fold my shirts which are kind of small, I have to adjust how I fold it a bit but it still works well. Yay for organizing tools that work!

Do you have an organizing tool that you love to use? Feel free to share!

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