Take a Break!

Jan 23, 2013
Most of the jobs I've had have required me to sit and work at a computer all day, and I am prone to getting painful muscle knots. Added to this, I have really bad eyesight (thank you to whoever invented contacts!) and staring at a computer or other electronic device all day probably doesn't help. 

In order to take better care of ergonomics and my eyesight, I decided I really needed to get on top of taking regular breaks when I'm at the computer for long periods of time. This may sound easy but when you're concentrating hard on something, time flies and before you know it you've been sitting there for 2 hours!

To help me with this goal, I downloaded a free app on my phone called Timer+. It's a really basic app, but what it does is it lets you set multiple timers for anything you want. I set a "Rest Eyes and Stretch" timer to go off every 20 minutes when I'm at the computer.

This Timer+ app is so versatile and there are so many possibilities for this! I can also see myself using this for the clothes dryer, washing machine, and baking among other things.
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