Different Uses for a Magnetic Knife Rack

Jan 29, 2013
A simple and practical organizing tool to have in the home or office is the magnetic knife rack. This versatile strip has so many more uses and after a bit of searching online, I've posted some for you to see here:

Key Holder

Magnetic knife racks are great for storing keys. Put one near the front door or elsewhere in your home to keep all car and household keys together!

Store Scissors

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Magnetic strips are a great place to store scissors. If you have young children, just be sure to keep it high enough to prevent accidents.

Keep Office Supplies

Small office/school supplies get lost easily and can contribute to clutter. Keep them together in a metal tin and attach the tin to a magnetic rack. If you use colorful supplies in the photo above, the items can add a decorative touch to your office.

Tool Holder

Keep your household tools neatly organized with a magnetic strip! Looks great and is functional too. Keep one in the garage or a storage room

Toy Car Holder

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Do you have a child who loves to play with toy cars? When not in use, store them on a magnetic strip. I love how this use can also add to the decor of a playroom. This set up would also work well with adults who collect miniature cars and want a fun way to display them!

Beauty Tool Holder

Keep nail cutters, tweezers, and other metal beauty tools on a magnetic strip! Perfect for use in the bathroom, dressing room, or vanity.

Kitchen Supplies
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

In addition to holding knives, organize your kitchen by keeping other kitchen tools on a magnetic rack. Especially handy for keeping things within easy reach when cooking.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Lastly, if you need more space than what a magnetic knife strip offers and are looking for a fun way to store your spices, you can DIY a magnetic spice rack. This link will take you to the tutorial.

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