A Routine For Organizing Photos

Jan 9, 2013
Remember the days when we had film for cameras and you actually had to have your pictures developed?? Back then organizing photos seemed a little easier because all you had to do was:

1) Put film in your camera.

2) Take pictures.

3) When the film is finished, have your pictures developed.

4) Store them.

Now that we have digital cameras. smartphones and tablets, taking photos has become a lot easier, but figuring out what to do with all of them is another story. Not only do I have photos stored in all sorts of different devices, I have not organized them at all.

To fix this problem I decided we needed a regular routine for organizing our digital photos. To make it work, I first created a folder for pictures on our computer desktop.

In that folder, I created 12 more folder -- one for each month of 2013.

Each monthly folder contains three more folders; one for our iPhone and iPad photos, one for our Sony digital camera, and one for our Edited photos.

Now that you've seen how we plan to organize the photos, here is the routine we plan to establish.

1) At the end of each month, put all our photos in the appropriate folders in our computer.

2) Go through all the photos and delete the ones we don't want.

3) If necessary, edit the photos we want to keep and transfer them to the Edited folder.

4) Backup all our digital photos to an external hard drive in case something bad happens to our computer. Wouldn't want to lose any of those memories!

Seems simple enough, right? Back in the day, I have to say that when it came time to storing the developed photos and arranging them in albums, I wasn't so good about keeping up with that. In fact, I still have a lot of loose photos stored in a plastic bin. How to organize them??

I'll save that for another post. ;)
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