Preparing our Financial Binder for the New Year

Dec 27, 2012

Be-lated Merry Christmas! I had a great one with family and if you celebrate the holiday, I hope you did too. Now that Christmas is over, I'm using the time between now and January 2013 to get our Financial Binder ready for the New Year.

Here is what I'll be doing:

Getting Rid of Any Unnecessary Papers

If you're wondering what financial documents you should keep, how long you should keep them, and what you can throw away, here is a printable chart you can use as a guideline.

When disposing of old financial papers, it's a good idea to shred them to prevent identity theft.

Gathering All Bills from 2012 and Storing Them

I have a large plastic bin that I use to keep financial documents that I want to hold on to until I can get rid of them. This bin is stored in a cabinet in our home office, but you can keep them in a basement, attic, or wherever you have long term storage.

Filling Out a New Bill Payment Checklist for 2013

I like to keep track of all the bills we expect to pay for the whole year. This way I'm less likely to miss any payments! You can create your own bill payment checklist, or you can buy one from my Etsy shop.

Creating a New Household Budget

Coming up with a budget is no fun, but at least I'll feel organized doing it! For 2013, my husband and I are going to see if we can stick to monthly budgeting for an entire year. We plan to sit down at the end of each month, go over the previous month's budget, refine it if necessary, then create a new one for each month.

Wish us luck! :)
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