Gift Wrapping Station Inspiration

Dec 18, 2012
Gifts are great. I enjoy giving them, receiving them, and even making them. Just don't ask me to wrap them because I'll admit it -- I'm a terrible gift wrapper! I just comfort myself with the knowledge that it's what's inside the wrapper that's most important.....right???

Well, despite my lack of talent in the gift wrapping department, I love the IDEA of having a gift wrapping station in the home. Not just for holiday gifts, but for other occasions like birthdays too. It can be as elaborate as a closet-turned-gift-station, or as simple as a basket filled with gift wrapping supplies. What matters is that you make use of it!

Someday, I'll get around to making my own station in my home. I may even learn how to wrap gifts properly. In the meantime, I'll indulge in some organizational, gift wrapping station, eye candy.

Here's some inspiration:

Chelsea from Two Twenty One blog used stenciled file cabinet and a few other accessories to make a station that won't take up to much space.

This portable DIY gift wrapping station, was created by Jessica over at the Two Shades of Pink blog. Again, this is great for small spaces, looks nice and simple, and is also a good way to re-use a market cart!

When I get around to making my own gift wrapping station, I think I'll make something similar to this one from The Container Store, since I have an unused under bed box that may work for this purpose.

If you're lacking space AND would like to keep things under wraps (sorry couldn't resist), an over the closet gift wrapping station may be the best solution.
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