6 Ways to Use Picture Frames for Organizing

Dec 3, 2012
Whoever would've thought picture frames could be such great organizational tools? If you've got some extra frames lying around and are ready to get into a little bit of DIY, you can make some functional and decorative items for your home. Here are some projects to inspire you and if you click on the source you'll be taken to the various blogs and sites that have detailed instructions on how to re-create these items yourself.

1. Frame as a Tray

Paint a tray (or leave it as is), add some handles, and you have a useful tray that you can use for serving food, or holding household items.

2. Frame as a Jewelry Holder

Organize and display your jewelry inside a nice picture frame!

3. Frame as a Sunglasses Holder

If you just happen to collect sunglasses, why not display your collection in a large frame?

4. Frame as a Dry Erase Board

Take a frame, place some scrapbook paper behind the glass and use it as a pretty dry erase board! Use it for reminders, a to do list, a grocery list, and whatever else you can think of to write.

5. Frame as a Menu Holder

Instead of leaving restaurant take out menus all over the place, organize them in a frame that doubles as a place to keep them.

6. Frame as a Key Rack

You'll never lose your keys again if you keep them organized in one place like this picture frame.
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