Sharing Your To Do List(s)

Nov 20, 2012
Whether you are married and have a family, are living together with a partner, or have roommates, a shared to do list will help you stay organized. You can create a shared to do list on paper or if you're a gadget freak like me, you can keep it on your smart phone and/or tablet.

After much searching, downloading, and experimenting, I finally found an iPhone app that allows my husband and I to share and sync our household tasks. This app is called 'AnyList' and as of this writing, it is free in the Apple App Store. (I'm not sure if it's available for Android devices.) AnyList is primarily a grocery shopping list app, but true to its name, you can also make any other kind of list with it.

My husband and I downloaded AnyList to each of our phones and then we both had to sign up for an account. After doing this, I created a Grocery List, a To Do List, and a Christmas Gifts List with the app. I then made each of these lists shareable by simply adding my husband's email address. Each time we add something to any of the above lists, the app will sync to update on our separate devices and sends us an alert too. We can also update our shared lists with or without an internet connection. If you add tasks without internet, the app will sync any new items once you are connected.

This method of sharing to dos whether it be in the form of a shopping list or household tasks, is really useful because my husband and I are always aware of things that need to be done even when we're apart. It also lessens resentment when one person feels like they're doing everything at home, and helps us to work better together. Highly recommended!

Do you share a to do list with anyone? If so, what method do you use? Please share! :)
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