November Giveaway 3 - Health and Fitness

Nov 21, 2012
One of my New Year's resolutions for 2013 is to get more healthy and fit. I think this is a common goal for most people, so this week's giveaway is my set of organizing printables designed to help you take charge of your Health, Fitness, and Medical information!

Included in this set:

  • Weekly Health and Fitness Tracker - Keep track of weight, sleep, activity, and calories burned.
  • Weekly Food Journal Tracker - Note down what you had for the three main meals of the day, snacks, water intake, and add up calories.
  • Workout Log - Track your progress for your workouts and write down time, distance, sets, reps, or weights depending on what type of exercise you do.
  • Medical Information Sheet - A handy sheet to keep important medical information like allergies, blood type, medical conditions. Also keep a record of your medical history in regards to immunizations, major illnesses, surgeries, etc.
  • Visits to the Doctor - Write down important information when you visit your doctor, including any procedures you had done as well as prescriptions and test results.
  • Symptoms Tracker - This sheet helps you keep track of any symptoms associated with food, medications, activities. Great for figuring if you have a food intolerance, or how certain medications interact with your body.
  • Dental Care Log - Regular dental care is an important for staying healthy. Keep track of dental appointments, checkups, notes, etc.


You can enter in one or all of the following ways:

1) Comment below to let me know what kind of organizing topics you would like me to feature on this blog.

2) Share the link to this giveaway on your Facebook wall or page and comment below to say you've done it.

3) Pin this giveway on Pinterest and comment below to say you've done it.

4) Tweet this Giveaway on Twitter and comment below to say you've done it.

Each item above will count as a separate entry, so the more you do, the more chances you'll win! This giveaway will be open from November 21, 2012 to November 28, 2012. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. Giveaway is open to anyone worldwide!

Good luck! :)

Congratulations to the winner of this giveaway: Jennifer Corsillo!

[This Giveaway is now CLOSED]
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  1. posted about this on fb. and i think you should include more ways to organize things regarding pets.

    1. Congratulations on winning this giveaway Jennifer! Please send me your email address so I can send the printables to you. Thanks! - :)

  2. I kindly twit here

    Thx :)


  3. I posted the link on my facebook page encouraging friends & family to check out your site. The health & fitness tracker is the perfect choice for this time of year!!! Thanks. Nicole

  4. I think something about organization of movies or books that have been read. Love this workout organizer, its awesome! ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  5. You should included information regarding the organization of cabinets and closets

  6. i need an organizing tool for sending christmas cards.

  7. I need help creating (or modifying an existing) household chore organizer.

  8. I posted about the giveaway on Facebook

  9. I pinned the giveaway here:

  10. I tweeted about the giveaway here:

  11. I pinned on pinterest


  12. OK -- I would like to see more medication organization --
    I pinned/tweeted/shared on FB!

  13. Done in pinterest !! :)

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