Keep Your Keys in One Place

Nov 26, 2012
Are you always trying to find your keys? Find a designated spot for them in your home so you'll always know where to find them when you need them. Organizing doesn't have to be boring! Personally, I like things simple and modern, with just a touch of quirkiness. This style is reflected throughout our home so without further ado, let me  introduce you to Key Pete (that's the actual name of the product and is meant to sound like "keep it"):


He lives on the side of our refrigerator and is a fun way to keep our car and house keys visible and within easy reach. Key Pete is also a multi-tasker, and he can take care of scissors, pens (by the tip), and a variety of other, metal objects. 

Ever since Key Pete came to live with us, we never lose our keys! Don't you just love organizational products that combine form, function, and fun??
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