10 Useful Ways to Use Your Smartphone Camera

Nov 6, 2012

Helloooo? Anybody there??

I love gadgets and I especially love my iPhone! One of my favorite features on my phone is the camera. Not because it's the best camera in the world, but because it's always with me, which makes it very easy to take photos of anything.

After having my phone for some time, I realized that there are so many more ways I use the camera than for just taking  your typical photos. Here are 10 useful ways to use your smartphone's camera:

1)  The next time you go shopping and you're trying to make up your mind about what you want to buy, take photos of your choices along with the price tag, so you can refer to them later when making a decision. You can also create a photo wishlist with your phone's camera.

2) When some of the light bulbs in our house went out, instead of bringing the whole bulb with me to the store, or writing down brand and model number, I just took photos of it to help me remember when I was at the store. This technique can be used for any products you need to remember.

3) If you get into a car accident, or in any situation where you need to document damage, use the camera to take photos for insurance purposes.

4) Take photos of your favorite restaurant's menus so you can refer to them next time you want to eat there or get take out.

5) If you make an important note on a piece of paper, like a phone number or a password for example, take a photo of it in case you lose the paper.

6) Have a tendency to forget where you parked you car? Take photos of where you parked, or any surrounding landmarks to help you remember.

7) If you ever have to email a receipt or proof of purchase to someone, instead of scanning it, just take a photo of it and email the photo. You can also take photos of receipts for tracking daily expenses.

8) Next time you travel, especially if you're traveling abroad, take photos of your passport, your plane ticket, and other identification in case you lose any of those items.

9) When trying on clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup, or hairstyles, take a photo of yourself or have someone do it for you so you can see what you look like. This is especially helpful when you're in a place where mirrors aren't readily available.

10) Take photos of the contents of your wallet in case you lose credit cards, ATM cards, or your license.

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