Organized Travel - 10 Things to Bring When Traveling Internationally

Oct 23, 2012


I don't love riding on airplanes, but traveling to other countries can be a great experience!  There are several essentials that I recommend you bring if you'll be traveling internationally. I won't mention a passport because that's just too obvious! But here are the other items:

1. A Full Change of Clothing (yes including undies!)

This may seem like a hassle, but if you're like me and end up getting stuck overnight in a different country during a routine stop-over, you'll be glad for the extra clothes. Oh and if you happen to wear contacts, I also suggest you bring your glasses and solution with you, so your eyes can rest.

2. Baby Wipes

Seriously, they're not just for babies! Wipes are great for quick clean ups for your hands, wiping down surfaces, and of course for use in the bathroom.

3. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

I know theses are usually handed out for free on long plane trips, but I've found it's still good to have your own. Beats those free, but stiff toothbrushes!

4. Gum

I like to bring a pack of gum with me everywhere, and especially on a plane because it helps to pop your ears during landing and take off, and can help to settle the stomach if you feel nauseous mid-air.

5. Pen

Useful for filling out customs forms and hotel forms in case you end up getting stuck in an unexpected place!

6. A Light Snack

Yes, they serve food on the plane but it's not always good and you might get hungry when the food isn't being served. I usually like to bring crackers, instant miso soup, and peppermint tea.

7. Some Form of Entertainment

Long plane rides are boooooooring! And the movies aren't always interesting, so it's best to bring either a book or e-reader, a tablet, or a handheld gaming console.

8. World Cell Phone

If you can, bring a phone that works in all countries and make sure to activate roaming before you leave. Again, this is really useful in case you get stuck somewhere unexpected.

9. Credit Card

Very helpful in case you need to pay for things like hotel rooms, extra clothes-because-you-forgot-to-bring-some, or duty free shopping anyone?

10. Kleenex

See number two.

What do you like to bring when you go on long plane rides? Feel free to comment with any suggestions you think may be useful for other people!
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