Your Daily Household Routine

Oct 15, 2012
You know how in school and college you had a class schedule? Well, why not create a schedule for your daily household routine? If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the tasks involved in running a household, this schedule will help you and everyone in your family to keep track of what needs to be done. Here is a Daily Household Routine printable that I made, which you can download for free.

Click here to download this free printable!

This printable is also editable, which means that instead of printing out the worksheet and writing on it, you can open it up in the free Acrobat Reader software and simply type in the fields. Please note that the document design can't be changed.

How to use this printable:

1) Starting with the Monday, take time to sit down and type in your daily routine for all five days of the week. (Take a break on the weekends! :) ) As you can see, the worksheet is two pages long in case your tasks don't all fit on one page.

2) On the right side of the document, you'll see a section where you can enter in other tasks and a day. This part can be used note down tasks that have a more irregular schedule (ie once a week, every two weeks, monthly, etc), and that don't necessarily fit in your daily routine. In our house for example, grocery shopping is usually done on a Monday, but not every Monday. This is the section where I would put this information.

3) On the top right of the first page of the document, you'll see a box with circles and blank spaces. This space is optional and should only be used if you want to assign specific tasks/chores to certain members of the family. If for example, my husband usually prepares breakfast and I'm the one that brings the kids to school, I would take a pink highlighter pen and a blue highlighter pen and color one circle blue and one circle pink. Then I would put my name next to the pink circle and my husband's name on the blue circle. I would then highlight where I typed 'Prepare Breakfast' in blue since it is my husband's task and I would highlight the 'Bring Kids to School' in pink since it is my task.

If you have more that two people who help out with the chores at home, just use a different colored highlighter pen per person (up to 5 people).

Below is an example of this printable with a Monday daily routine filled in, for a couple with two children:

This printable would work well in a household notebook or even on a bulletin board in a central part of your home, like the kitchen.

If you do choose to download this free printable, I hope you and your family will find it useful! :)

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