Control Coin Clutter and 5 Quirky Ways to Do It!

Oct 17, 2012
Coins aka spare change, often contributes to clutter in our homes. Control coin clutter by getting into the simple habit of depositing your spare change into a designated container or piggy bank at the end of each day. Then when your piggy bank is full, cash in the change and use it to buy gifts, treat yourself or someone else to something nice, or donate the money to a charity.

First things first though -- for this habit to work you'll need to figure out what kind of coin bank you want to use. It can be as simple as an old jar or as complex as a digital coin bank. Once you decide what your coin bank will be, keep it somewhere you can easily see it so you remember to deposit your coins every day. 

If you have implemented the ideas above and you STILL forget to save your coins, I suggest you get an unusual coin bank that is so memorable to use, that you simply CAN'T forget it!

For your amusement, here are five quirky coin banks I found online:

1) Face Bank

This bank is so weird it's cute! All you have to do is hold a coin in front of the mouth and it will open up so you can feed it your coins.

2) Turtle Bank

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

This quirky turtle bank sleeps most of the day until you touch its shell. When you do this, the turtle will "wake up" and open its mouth to accept your coins.

3) Hungry Coin Eating Dog

The poor doggy is hungry and needs food. Put your coins in the white dish and watch the dog eat it up!

 4) His Money Her Money Piggy Bank

Give your husband or boyfriend this piggy bank so no matter who puts in the money, it will always go to you! Haha! This would also make a great gag gift for a bridal shower.

5) Fill 'Er Up Gas Tank Bank

Once this bank is filled with coins, the gas tank gauge will move to 'Full!'

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  1. Love these banks! Put a smile on my face.

  2. I'm glad! :) I love quirky, gadgety stuff. Thanks!


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