7 Ways to Use Clipboards for Organizing

Oct 30, 2012

Clipboards are cheap and easy tools you can use to get organized! You can use them as is, or  you can make them pretty by covering them with decorative papers and the decoupage method.

The possibilities are endless and just to show you, here are seven examples of creative organization using clipboards:

1. Grocery List Holder

Keep a grocery list handy and in sight with this decorative clipboard! Hang it on the wall or on the side of the refrigerator and you're set!

2. Mood Board

If you love decorating your home, or are interested in design of any kind, you can use clipboards to hold items to create a mood board.

3.Organized Workspace

I love how fresh, clean, and organized this workspace looks! No doubt the clipboards on the wall help to keep it that way.

4. Display Photos

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Get photos off your camera or computer and display them on some clipboards! Form and function.

5. Help Kids Get Organized

These clipboards were decorated and designed to organize children's routines. A great way to keep kids on track!

6. Craft Space Organizing

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

If you like to craft, or you have a craft business, you can use clipboards as a way to organize craft items a well as for decorative display.

7. Organize Jewelry

If you love jewelry like me, storage can become a problem. Why not display them on clipboards as shown below?

Do you use clipboards for organizing? If so, how do you use them?
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