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Sep 2, 2014
A couple weeks ago, my mom had a double knee replacement surgery and when she came home from the hospital, I was reminded of the importance of being organized when it comes to managing healthcare.

As part of a "team" of family members caring for my mom during her recovery process, there are several things we have to keep track of; her prescription medications, her blood pressure, blood sugar (she's diabetic), and her physical therapy sessions. 

To make it easier for everyone, I made some simple medical printables and attached them to a clipboard for easy record-keeping. So far, they've been very helpful and we'll be bringing the sheets with us for follow-up visits to her various doctors. This way, they can see if there's anything we need to watch out for, or that requires further medication.

Since these organzing printables have been working out so well, I thought I'd make them available as free downloads on my blog. Even if you're not recovering from a knee replacement surgery, you can choose to download which printable would be most useful for your particular situation.

First up is the Prescription Tracker which allows you to keep track of four different medications, for up to two weeks per page. In each column, you'd write down the name of the medication, the doctor's prescription (ie. dosage and frequency), the date, and then you can use the boxes under the numbers to fill in the time the medicine was taken, up to 4 doses per day.

Click to Download and Print!
This is an example of this printable when in use.

Next up is the Blood Sugar Tracker which can be used with a home glucose monitor, and is a simple way to take random blood sugar readings. For example in my mom's case, she'll check her blood sugar after fasting for 8 hours on Monday, one hour after breakfast on Tuesday, two hours after lunch on Wednesday, and so on. In case you're wondering what the 'M' column stands for, we just use it to note down the initial for each meal type (B for Breakfast, L for Lunch, D for Dinner, or S for Snack) for the days when my mom gets either a 1 or 2 hour blood sugar reading after meals.

Click to Download and Print!

This blood pressure log is pretty self explanatory and we use it to keep track of my mom's blood pressure during her physical therapy sessions at home, and at some other random times during the week.

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This last printable if just to keep track of any notes and progress during my mom's physical therapy sessions. Each box has space for date, name of therapist, session notes, and little icons you can cross off to note whether it was a home therapy session or at a rehab center.

Click to Download and Print!

Dealing with health problems, surgeries, and other medical issues is never fun, but staying organized can help you or caregivers to gain a sense of control over situations where you may feel overwhelmed and out of control.  I hope these free printables can be helpful to some of you!

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The 52 - Week Money Saving Challenge

Dec 31, 2013
It's almost New Year's Eve, and resolutions are in the air!

One of my friends posted a link to a 52 Week Money Challenge on Facebook, and I thought it would be a fun way to save some money in 2014. One of my blog commenters was nice enough to let me know that this challenge was started by Kassondra Moreland and you can find out more on her Facebook page.

If you haven't heard of this challenge that's circulating on the web, how it works is that for every week of the year, you would save an amount corresponding to the number of the week. For example, in Week 1, you'd save $1, Week 2, $2, Week 3, $3 until you've reached 52 weeks. If you can complete the challenge, you'll have saved $1378 by the end of it.

Now I still think it's a good idea to set aside a regular budget for savings but that would depend on your financial circumstances.  If one of your goals for the New Year is to save money, then this 52-Week Money Challenge seems like a great way to get started!

To help visualize the amount of money you'll be saving and to keep you on track, there are a lot of different charts online, but I thought I'd make my own!

Click to Download This Free Printable!

I added checkboxes, a space for the date of "deposit" each week, and my 'Money Saving Goal.'  Whether your goal is to save for Christmas gifts, a trip, or just to put money in your bank account at the end of the year, the challenge is a good way to teach young people the value of saving and is something that families can do together.

And speaking of deposits, I'm just going to use a simple glass container that I already had from Ikea, but you can use anything from a shoebox, to a piggy bank, to a an empty jar.

If you'd like to take part in this challenge, just click the link under the photo above to download the PDF for free.

If you don't live in the U.S., you can still take part in this challenge using the blank 52-Week Money challenge chart I made below. You can just write in whatever amount and in any currency that you want to save per week.

Click to Download This Free Printable!

Enjoy and good luck!! :)
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The Sick Kit

Jul 8, 2013
Ugh...I was down with a cough and cold for most of last week and once I started recovering, it was my husband's turn as he had caught whatever I had, plus a fever!

Being sick is no fun but over the years, I've learned that in order to make the healing process easier and especially when caring for a sick person, it helps to have a "Sick Kit" ready.

Mono Monday

My definition of a Sick Kit is a collection of items that are useful for helping a sick person to get better. (In case you're wondering, this is different from a First Aid kit because it contains items that are more specific to a particular illness.)

The items to include will depend on whatever the illness is, but the whole point is to keep everything easily accessible so that the sick person (and the caregiver for that matter!) don't have to move around too much.

In our case, we included the following:

  • Thermometer
  • Throat lozenges
  • Paracetamol
  • Saline nose spray
  • Box of Tissues
  • Water
  • Trash can for throwing used tissues 
  • Notes on my phone for tracking fever temperatures

Everything (except the trash can) was put on a small, portable table and positioned right next to the bed. Easy! :)

So while my husband and I aren't 100% recovered yet, I can safely say that a little bit of organizing (and tons of tissues) did help us to feel a lot better!
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Infographic: DIY Household Cleaner Recipes

Jun 27, 2013
In our home, we try to use cleaning products that are as non-toxic as possible, but haven't gone completely natural.

As I was doing a search on the internet for some more natural alternatives, I came across this cute and useful infographic from Brightnest

These three household cleaner recipes look easy enough and the ingredients are ones that we already have in our home. Will definitely try this, but in the meantime, I'm posting it here in case you want to try them too!

Just click the link at the bottom of the graphic and you'll be taken to the site where you can save, bookmark and/or print it.

DIY Cleaning Products

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